The Australian Catholic Communications Congress is a triennial event bringing together Catholics seeking to learn new media and communications skills, network with each other and grow in their understanding of the Good News.

The event was last staged in 2018 in Brisbane, as the pandemic made it challenging to hold a Congress. The theme for the 2024 Congress is β€œMissionary Message for the Modern World”, reflecting the great urgency in taking the Gospel to everyone and the changing nature of the world around us. The Congress is open to everyone communicating God’s message of hope, faith and love across Catholic media and communication channels.


The Congress 2024 is jointly organised by:

  • Media and Communications Department of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
  • Australian Catholic Media Council
  • Australian Catholic Press Association


Previous Congresses

2009 β€’ Sydney β€’ Menzie’s Hotel
Theme: “Throw open the doors…”
Keynote speakers: Tom Peterson, Professor Greg Craven, Sr Hilda Scott, and Fr Tom Rosica

2012 β€’ Sydney β€’ Menzie’s Hotel
Theme: “Communicating the Word: Timeless Messages, New Media
Keynote speakers: Monsignor Paul Tighe, Khoa Do, and Julie Posetti

2018 β€’ Brisbane
Theme: “Communicating Hope and Trust”
Keynote address: Communicating Hope to a Despairing World – ACPA
Keynote speakers: Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, Jane Jeffes, John Anderton, Dan Box, Annette Blackwell, Martyn Frost, and Mark Brolly

2015 β€’ Sydney
Theme: “The Church in a Digital World”
Keynote address: ArchbishopCelliKeynoteAddress-FullText.pdf (sydneycatholic.org)
Keynote speakers: Greg Erlandson